• Hanalytics BW and Business Intelligence service
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Organisations can grow much faster by utlising the valuable business data that is getting generated from their current operations. This vital information is required for decision makers to arrive at many important findings. Hanalytics can help you unlock this information using our expertise and SAP BI/BW at an affordable cost. With our BW and BI services, you can empower your business by using your organisation data resources.
Hanalytics provides Assessment, Planning, designing, implementation, Upgrade, Migration, Support services which includes following at high level:
  • If already using BW/BI, what is current state of BW/BI Environment
  • Technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Future BW/BI Roadmap & Sizing of the Hardware
  • Setting up of Hardware Infrastructure
  • If Upgrade Upgrade methodology then Installation of SAP BW Software
  • BW customization, infrastructure development and implementation,BW Data Configuration, Development.
  • Data Modeling and Data Reporting and Data Extraction.
  • Building data model by addressing the key issues facing your business areas.
  • Activation of Standard InfoCubes and create a reporting structure.Design and development of Generic Business  extractors, Infosources,Operational Datastores, Infocubes, BEX reports
  • Replacement of legacy reporting systems with SAP BW.Integration with other SAP solutions such as Customer Relationship Management, Advanced Planning and Optimizing, and Strategic Enterprise Management.
  • Creation of enterprise data warehouses with SAP BW and Implementation of enterprise metadata integration with SAP BW
  • Building test scenarios and Testing of Data Flow Post-Implementation Support and End User Training